The North Carolina Warriors Ice Hockey Program is a disabled veterans ice hockey team that exists to benefit disabled veterans from the United States Military Services. They are one of 21 USA Hockey Warriors teams in the nation. Each and every one of these teams exist with the focus of providing an athletic outlet, with a sense of therapy and comradery for it’s members. The team consists of veterans that have service rated disabilities that can, and do, include physical disabilities that include surgically rebuilt limbs, non-fully functional appendages, and other physical challenges that have become the players new norm. This however, does not, and will not keep the Warriors from enjoying the game they love. These hockey players on the North Carolina Warriors Ice Hockey team roster ranges from having played for many years to veteran’s who are interested in trying hockey for the first time and this range evokes the training and teamwork that these Veterans value so much.

In the words of Warrior’s player, John Rodgers, #20, “We are excited to be on the Warriors because hockey is a fellowship game and in hockey, games are won and lost because of teamwork. There's no bigger fraternity in the world than the US Military and teamwork is also a key component of mission success. Stack the two together and you have something more intimate and fraternal.”

The beauty of this team is that it brings these brothers together and they have not one, but two points of bond. Their military experience as well as their passion for the game of ice hockey. The funds raised here will allow for this group to be financially supported towards ice time, uniforms, apparel & even equipment expenses.

We want to thank you in advance for your support to these Veterans. The game of hockey and the brotherhood they share with their Warrior teammates are extremely important to each and every one of them, and these funds will allow for this team to grow and provide relief to more veterans as the organization rapidly grows.